Welcome to the Cad-Cam Orthotics website. LaserCam is a new and sophisticated technology that has been developed by Cad-Cam Orthotics to aid in the production of orthotics for a wide range of podiatrists. Since being established in 1997, we have manufactured over 130,000 pairs.

Cad-Cam Orthotics specialises in custom computerised EVA devices for the discerning podiatrist. The methods and technologies behind LaserCam have been specifically tailored to the industry, ensuring that you get a perfect fit every time.

The LaserCam process is unique – we use custom developed software that allows us to produce a 3D scan of your clients feet. This scan is then used as a reference point throughout the entire manufacturing process, to ensure that we’re meeting your every need.

The end result is a unique orthotic for every client, specifically designed to meet their individual needs. For more information, please browse through our website or contact us for further information.