The industry standard in EVA Quality

EVA Quality is Important.

We believe that there should be an industry standard for ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) products used to manufacture custom orthoses. We routinely test the mechanical properties of our EVA to ensure optimal compression set (%) and consistency in density. We do not heat our EVA as this compromises the structural integrity of the material, instead we cold-cut EVA blanks using CNC routers. Our orthoses are built to last.

Did you know that EVA has a service temperature up to 60°C, meaning that when it's heated above this value it's strength quickly falls. That's why we direct-machine our EVA. No excessive heating means a stronger and more consistent product.

Compression set (%) is the most important mechanical property when considering the quality of EVA. It is a rather simple test, yet poorly understood by the podiatry community. A piece of EVA is placed in a vice and compressed to half of its original thickness. After a period of 24 hours the EVA is removed. The pre- and post-compression thicknesses are then expressed as a percentage difference, with a lower percentage meaning a higher quality of EVA. All our EVA is 5% or lower!

Low compression means long lasting outcomes

Cad Cam vs. Competitors

When we have tested our EVA compared with competitors we’ve come out on top. Our EVA has lower compression set and lower filler content.

Compression Set (%) - Cad Cam0%
Compression Set (%) - Competitor 10%
Compression Set (%) - Competitor 20%
Compression Set (%) - Competitor 30%
Filler Content (%) - Cad Cam0%
Filler Content (%) - Competitor 10%
Filler Content (%) - Competitor 20%
Filler Content (%) - Competitor 30%

EVA Specification*

Tensile Strength (JIS K6767-1976) 3000 KPa
Tear Strength (JIS K6767-1976) 18.0 Kn/m
Elongation at Break (JIS K6767-1976) 250-300
Compression Set (JIS K6767-1976) <5%
Water Absorption (JIS K6767-1976) 0.002 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity (ASTM C 518-76) 0.064 W/m. C
Service Temperature -70/+60 °C

*This data represents EVA at 350/kgm3 density. This data represents typical laboratory testing results only, and does not represent a guarantee of performance in any application.

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